How to Strengthen Your Joints

Humans are not meant to remain stationary, but instead, are meant to walk, stretch, leap, swim, and bend in all sorts of directions. What makes this possible is our incredible skeletal system and the series of joints that serve as our bend points. Maintaining these joints helps us remain flexible, mobile, and independent throughout our entire lives, so it’s important to learn how to do this and ensure we keep at it. Contrary to popular belief it isn’t inevitable that we’ll lose our flexibility as we age, becoming stiff and unable to enjoy things the way we used to. With a series of simple tips and respect for our bodies, we can stay limber our whole lives.

Start By Walking More

Walking is great exercise, and getting out into the world for a stroll helps keep your joints flexible and your cartilage elastic by sending it vital nutrients. This movement also ensures that your body produces additional synovial fluid to help lubricate your joints. Whether you’re walking around your neighborhood, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or taking weekend strolls with Fido, walking is a great way to keep you moving easily your whole life.

Eschew Shoes, Go Barefoot

Your bare feet are perfectly suited to carrying you through your life, and shoes can actually cause more harm than good. Even the best shoes can actually cause the alignment of your ankles to shift and shorten your Achilles tendon resulting in a loss of flexibility. While that extra inch of padding from shoes may not feel like its doing much to damage your movement, the consequences are faced by your whole body. If you’re moving from regular shoes to no (or minimal) shoes, take it easy during the transition so you don’t hurt yourself.

Vitamin C and Collagen Are Essential

Collagen is one of the substances your body uses to help keep itself limber and mobile, and Vitamin C is an essential component in its ability to create it. Look for high quality supplements that provide collagen and ascorbic acid (A form of Vitamin C) to ensure that your body has a sufficient supply of this important component. As a bonus it will also strengthen your nails, teeth, skin, and hair.

Stretch Your Body To Remain Limber

Stretching is essential to those who make a point of exercising regularly, but even those who are generally sedentary can benefit from giving their muscles a chance to stretch out. Try adding Yoga to your day, or simply stretch out using a foam roller and you’ll feel immensely better and move easier.

If you’re looking for more ways to keep yourself limber throughout your life, consult with your physician. Dr. Todd Bromberg at Delaware Valley & Spine has been working with patients in the Chalfont PA community for years. Every day they see patients like you who are working hard to live a life that’s free from pain with the ability to get up and go and do as they please without strain. Call for an appointment today!

Dr. Todd A. Bromberg, M.D. When chronic pain and spinal issues impact your quality of life, you need a team of crack spine and pain specialists at your disposal. Delaware Valley Pain & Spine Institute works with some of the most respected experts in the field to bring pain relief and restored quality of life to patients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey!
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