A Patient’s Basic Guide To The Spine

Woman holding neck in painWhether a persistent throb or a sharp and excruciating presence, back pain can be real torture. The more you learn about your spine, the better you can understand what you can do to help it. It may not be able to reduce your pain, but it can take a lot of the fear out of what you’re experiencing. Learning more about your spine can also help you avoid doing further damage and help you during your healing process. Below we’re going to touch on some spinal basics that will introduce you to the structure of your spine and how it supports you every day.

An Introduction To The Basic Structures of the Spine

Your spine is an impressively versatile and complex system made up of several elements. Each part of the spine performs an important task, whether that be protection, mobility, or sensation.

  • The Vertebrae – In your spine can be found 33 individual bones that all come together to form your spinal column. These individual bones are known as vertebrae and are the primary supportive structure of your spine, as well as serving to protect the spinal cord. These vertebrae are separated into five separate sections.

    • 7 Cervical Vertebrae in your neck

    • 12 Thoracic Vertebrae in the upper back

    • 5 Lumbar vertebrae in the lower back

    • The sacrum, which is five vertebrae that have fused

    • And four vertebrae in your tailbone

  • Intervertebral Discs – Between every vertebra and the next can be found a soft, strong, flexible gel-filled pad. These pads are made up of two parts, the aforementioned gel known as nucleus pulposeus and the outer structural layer known as the annulus fibrosus. These allow your spine to flex and bend without damaging the vertebrae.

  • Spinal Cord – While each part of your spine plays its part, the spinal cord is easily the most important element of all. This delicate bundle of nerves is the information highway of your nervous system, carrying information to and from every part of your body and the brain. Damage to this structure can have long-lasting and far-reaching implications.

Together these structures make up your spine. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy our daily activities, be flexible, or otherwise be as mobile as we are.

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