Prior to meeting you, my life was turned upside down by my reflex sympathetic dystrophy. I feared that I would never again play tennis or perform even the simplest household chores…..One year after you placed my spinal cord stimulator, I am ecstatic to inform you that I am once again running.

Thank you for giving me my life back! I am forever grateful for your compassion and dedication.


African AmericanFamily

Before being under the care of Dr. Rosen it was quite difficult to function without pain…walking long distances and standing for any period of time was virtually impossible.  He is compassionate and caring …even though I have been his patient for many years, he still gives me the time and respect as if I were a new patient…

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I thought my back pain would never go away.  I was hesitant to see a doctor because I was afraid they would just push medicines.  I was very happy with the care provided, and I am now back to being normal again. Dr. Bromberg spent time explaining procedures to me and answering all my questions.